Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lessons learned

Hello friends,

I just wanted to share with you some "real" moments.  Recently, we embarked on a trip to see our families.  The main reason was that I volunteered to preach my aunt's funeral service.  But along the way, we got to see my son Austin, my family, and Michelle's family.  And I am learning some things about myself during this trip.

1.  Seeing family members after a long time is like a cool drink of water at the end of the Mojave Desert.  It reminds me that I am loved no matter what and that helps me to see God's goodness in trying times.

2.  My will to succeed with this diet is stronger than the pull of Grandma's cookie plate.  Having extra motivation to lose weight has been a huge help in my battle to lose weight.  Traveling has afforded me the opportunities to eat terrible things but they don't have quite the pull on me anymore.  Thank God for this gift of His.

3.  When I am on my emotional yo-yo, my family suffers.  Not having a job is one of the hardest things to go through for me.  I have been terribly depressed at times as I have received numerous rejection notifications for jobs that I would do well at and enjoy.  It's hard to explain how helpless I have felt in all of this.  But this attitude of mine has cost my family some of the joy that this trip could have provided for them.  I am learning how my selfishness and my distrust in the Lord can cloud over His goodness. 

4.  I have an amazing wife!  This simply cannot be discounted in helping me to go on day by day.  She has grown in the area of mercy so much and God has used that to speak of Himself through her.  The mood that my wife sees on my face as I struggle to find meaning and work and a new career is met by her graceful elegance and tender words of hope. 

5.  My children are the best gifts money can't buy!  Some people see kids as such a burden.  But when you see your daughters asking their grandmother questions about God, and your son pull his first fish from a pond, and your baby squeal with delight from being flipped, it makes you feel sorry for those who were fooled into not having more children because of the materialism of the world.  Even in unemployment, my God is faithful to provide for the blessings He has given me.

6.  Jesus is ever so faithful and good even as I falter.  Oh, the joy to know that my salvation depends not on me, but on Him. 

He must shake His head as He watches my sinful heart worry. 

He sends my son a fish on his first time fishing.  It tells me, "I will provide." 

He sends family members and former neighbors who have lost a loved one to share their love for my aunt.  It tells me, "I will comfort." 

He sends a wife that pursues a distant and distraught husband instead of leaving me to my wallowing misery.  It tells me, "I will never leave you and never forsake you." 

He sends me, my wife and kids to the restaurant across the street from the college my wife and I fell in love at, and we eat at the same booth we did 13 years ago, but with 4 more additions.  It tells me, "I remember." 

He sends me His Word.  It tells me, "I am not silent." 

He sends me His Spirit.  It tells me, "I guide." 

He sends me His Son.  It tells me, "I love." 

Please keep praying for me friends.  My inclination has been to ask you to pray first for a job, but maybe it's more about the journey for me.  Pray that I would learn to joyfully trust Him and that God would be glorified in my attitude.  The rest, He will provide.

And don't forget to pray for Peyton and the Wilson's.  I want to see a miracle happen!

In Christ,

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok, so there's good news and there's bad news.  I'm an optimist, so I like the bad news first.  That way, we end on a high note. 

Bad news:  The Wilson family is having some problems bringing Peyton home.  I will refer you to their blogsite at 

Be in prayer for the Wilson's and for Peyton!

If for whatever reason, God has other plans for Peyton, we will continue our journey together and help out another family in the same position.  But let's keep praying and trusting Jesus.

Good news:  Hopped on the Wii Fat (I mean....Fit) and it said I'm at 315!  I've slacked a little on the workouts, but the diet is staying strong, thanks to my wife, Michelle.  She is a real Swiss Cake Nazi!

It's funny that in one part of my life, I'm really struggling (namely, finding a job).  And, yes, I've been through this before.  But I feel like I'm still gaining control of something when I can focus on losing this extra person I seem to have eaten.  And it feels so good to have that right now. 

Now, I need some ideas (cheap ideas are best) on ways to celebrate getting to the 200's.  I haven't been there in a looooooong time and it is definitely worth a party.  And I'd like to see it happen by April 1st. 

If you're wondering, it isn't as easy as I might be making it sound either.  I have had my angry withdrawals, immature fits, and the occasional pizza roll flying in my mouth.  I am basically doing this on my own by eating less (a LOT less) and exercising more (a little more).  That's it! 

But my eyes are on the goal.  The pressure is on and I am the kind of guy who not only needs it, but I see that others can benefit from this too. 

Namely a special needs child who is in need of love.  And the only thing that seems to be keeping most of these kids away from that love is money.  Let's do something about one!  Maybe we can't save them all, but we can fix our eyes on one with a laser focus and let God use us to show His power to Peyton, the Wilson's, and whoever else it filters down to!

By the way, keep praying for me because I am still flesh and bones subject to weak moments.  But my God is stronger than my flesh!  And He is stronger than yours too!  Trust Christ and watch what He does!

Thanks for your love and support.

Jay "Eats Like A" Bird

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Up again

I really love the fellowship I have with Jesus at night!  Things get clearer for me then.  Anyway, here I am again.  Can't sleep. 

I'm thinking about Peyton and the Wilson family.  I'm dreaming about the day Peyton rests in his mommy's arms.  I'm thinking how that will glorify God!  A desperate, needy person being loved unconditionally by a generous and giving family.  What a picture of the gospel I hope to see happen soon!

I'm also thinking about someone giving us tickets to the Psalm 119 conference out of the blue this week.  If ever my family needs a time to get away and be washed in the Word, it is now.  Special thanks to the Hearts for the Lost gang (  They ooze Jesus out of every pore!

But here's the update, folks.  The number you're waiting for.....320.5!  I'm down 15 pounds in a week!  My wife has been the best support for me in helping me to watch what I eat.  It's amazing, but my 6 year old eats more than I do now!  And, after the first few days, my body is really getting used to it.  Also, I've done a lot more walking and exercise. 

Here's a funny thing, too.  For the first time, I am able to use our Wii Fit Plus!  Before, I always weighed too much.  I said we should call it the Wii Fat because fat people like me still can't use it.  But now I'm in.  And it has really whooped my onions!  Hardest thing was the hula hoops! 

So there you have it.  85 to go.  I know it won't go as fast as this first week, but it WILL go!  I've never been so determined about losing weight before.....thanks, Peyton! 

Keep forwarding this to your friends because I desperately want to see Peyton Wilson come home. 

God is great!
Jay (Eats Like A) Bird

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2

So far, so good.  I've eaten right and walked up the monster hill I live on pushing about 100 pounds of Richardson's on a double stroller the whole way.  Wow do my legs hurt. 

I've re-introduced my body to apples and forsaken the dreaded Twinkies.  The battle has just begun but one day sure is a lot for me. 

Also, I have 10 pledges so far and lots and lots of encouragement.  This is really a huge blessing folks.  Keep it up! 

Peyton's new mommy wrote a very sweet and encouraging message to me, too.  It is neat to see how God is joining our hearts to the Wilson's even though we don't know them.  They will remain in our families prayers. 

God is completely in control of this whole process.  And He will bring about something beautiful out of all of this (Romans 8:28), of this I am confident.  Knowing it's in His hands gives me peace. 

Peyton, wherever you are this night, know this:  You, son, are dearly loved!  What a family the Lord is giving to you!  I pray that you are safe and warm and fed tonight.  And I pray that the Lord plays the most beautiful song we've ever heard through your life.  You, Peyton, are a blessing and inspiration to us. 

Thank you, Lord for letting me be a part of your work!  You, my Lord, are worth it!