Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brain Pickins

Well, tomorrow is the day for the big interview with Dave Ramsey at Financial Peace Plaza in Nashville. 

Ironically, today I received a completely separate email in my other email account from Dave Ramsey's people requesting a phone interview with another guy (I used my old application which had my less-used email on it) for the same position.  This is good news!  I believe this points to the fact that they were going to pull my resume anyway for an interview. 

Many of you do not know this, but a few years ago, I interviewed for a similar position with Dave Ramsey's Lampo Group.  I was living in Florida at the time and flew in just for the interview.  That is when I found out how great the company was to work for!  But, in God's providence, I did not receive a follow-up interview. 

I will be better prepared this time as a result of that experience. 

But I need some advice, especially from those of you who interview people at your jobs.  Already, I have received some great tips from Michelle's cousin and it was so good that I want to ask you for some more. 

  1. How should I dress?  The company has a casual dress with most of the employees and even Dave wearing jeans and flip flops.  However, this is an interview where I want to put my best foot forward.  How much is too much?  How little is too little?
  2. What are some questions I should anticipate from the HR guy (he was very easygoing last time) and the sales staff (they were very tough)? 
  3. What are some questions I can ask about the company?
  4. How much energy should I bring to the table, considering that I used such an unusual and somewhat pushy method to get the interview in the first place?
I will be leaving early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning for my 2pm interview.  So any responses before then would be of great benefit.  Thanks again for your prayers, support, and wisdom. 

In Christ,

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Special Night of Caving In!!!!

It has been many weeks that I have held out on knowing the gender of future baby Richardson.  But going to the ultrasound appointment was just too much for my frail resolve to withstand.  While I showed enough strength to look away while the gender was revealed, the pressure has caused me to crack. 

But I still NEED it to be a surprise!!!  It's very important that this occasion is marked in a memorable way. 

Now it just so happens that some friends of ours have invited us to go the Tennessee Smokies game tonight for free.  And also, Michelle's mom decided that she was going to come and visit tonight and stay for a few days to celebrate her birthday with us.  There's just enough tickets for everyone. 

All of these events coalescing caused my mind to think of some possibilities.  And it clicked. 

I called the Tennessee Smokies and asked them if they would be involved in revealing whether the baby is a boy or a girl. 

So tonight, in the top of the 9th inning, they are going to have our kids on the field popping pink and blue balloons with confetti shooting out of them.  The last balloon they pop will either have blue or pink confetti and we will all find out together at that moment whether we have a boy or a girl.

Cool, huh?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We did it!!!!

Never in my history of looking for work (and I am quite experienced at this my friends) have I received such a fast response inviting me for an interview!!! 

Let me recap the day for you because, like it or not, you are invested in my life now.  I can share the sorrows, but Boy Oh Boy I can sure share the victories too! 

First, I want to admit something else to you.  The "Job Mob" was my main strategy to receive an interview with Dave Ramsey, but there was another part of my plan.  Providentially, I was scheduled to pick up my car today in Tullahoma (it broke down there last week).  That is quite a ways from me, but only another hour or so away from Brentwood, TN.  Why is that important?  Because that is where Financial Peace Plaza is located, the site of the Dave Ramsey show and the Lampo Group.

Knowing this, I wanted to attack this job search on one more front.....Dave Ramsey himself!!!  Last night, I stayed up late crafting a 1 page plea for a job interview.  In it, I told him about the "Job Mob" so that he would know that I possess the creativity needed for a job like this.  Being such a crucial part of my qualifications, I really needed you to come through for me, to show that I could do what I said I would do, namely flood the inbox of Rick Perry.  And you did!!!

Rick Perry (the main HR guy of the Lampo Group) called and left a voicemail within about an hour of us leaving the facility!!!  He was quite impressed with the sheer volume of emails.  He told me to call off the "Job Mob" and that he surrenders.  In his email, he quoted some specific phrases that I only wrote in my personal letter to Dave Ramsey, so the attack on that front succeeded as well! 

In short, he was overwhelmed with requests, by me, you, and apparently Mr. Ramsey himself to check me out for this position.  On the phone, he was quite jovial, chuckling a lot, and telling me how much they like to see that kind of enthusiasm and creativity. 

All I can say is thank you so much!  I will be calling Mr. Perry tomorrow to set up an interview and when the time comes, I will let you know when it is so that you can pray for me. 

That's how it works, folks.  My sorrow is your sorrow.  My joy is your joy.  One body, one Savior, one hope!  All praise goes to King Jesus who blessed me and you with our authentic fellowship over these past few days! 

Getting this position is still quite uncertain, but I know this for sure....God heard your prayers this day and answered with a resounding, "Yes!"  And we all benefitted from seeing Him work.

Let it not be mistaken in any way, God opened this door today.  But He uses means too.  Thank you for being His tools today. 

Now leave Mr. Perry alone, will ya?!!!!!! 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You've heard of Flash Mobs, welcome to the Job Mob

Over the past few days, I have shared quite a lot on my blog.  (As of this morning, I have taken down my last 2 posts so that I can now focus on moving forward.)  Those of you who have read it know that there have been many painful things happen to me as of late.  But "to everything there is a season" and I am now trying to put one foot in front of the other.  

Many of you have messaged me with such encouragement and support, but when someone you love is going through a trial it is natural to try to think of practical ways you can help.  Much of the time, there might not be anything you can do.  But I have thought of one thing, just ONE THING, which might help me out more than you know. 

As you can imagine, not having a job or any source of income only serves to magnify every other problem in life.  And it is a pressing need for me and my family.  So I need help finding work. 

Finding a job in today's market is extremely difficult for so many, and I am no exception.  It is hard to even get an interview because resumes are screened to such minute details, that only a select few ever get to the desk of the hiring manager.  I have not yet figured out the key to standing out, having my resume reviewed, and getting an interview.  So I am forced to try to be creative.

In all of the best sources of information for how to find work, I find that the most effective way to get an interview with a company is to know someone who can help you get in front of the one responsible for hiring.  I have moved so many times that coming into new places does not afford me much time to build up a network of contacts which can help me to branch out. 

So I am attempting to do something a little different.  I want to CARPETBOMB  my target with so many requests for an interview, that my name cannot help but to stand out.  I want the sheer amount of my references to come in such a short period of time so as to make the human resources manager take notice of me. 

I have a very specific target in mind.....Dave Ramsey. 

If you have not heard of him, Dave Ramsey is a Christian financial expert who has:
  • a top-rated radio show with millions of listeners every day.
  • many NY Times bestseller books
  • and an organization based in Nashville which employs hundreds of people
His company is annually voted one of the best to work for in the Nashville area.  And I am personally a fan of his ministry (having gone through Financial Peace University, attended a live event, and listening to his radio show via podcast), which is why I want to work for him, because I believe in his mission.

I have continually looked on his website (daveramsey.com) to look for jobs which would be a good fit for me.  And I have found one......Sales Advisor for Hosting Simulcast of Events

This involves contacting churches and businesses to host a Simulcast of a Dave Ramsey event.  With my background working in churches, my belief in the product, and my passion to help people, I strongly believe that I would be a great fit. 

But I don't want to be another resume-screening casualty.  So Here's the plan and what I would ask you to do to help me:
  1. If you want to do something to help me, I want you to email the H.R. manager  (REMOVED FOR PRIVACY) a very brief note (no longer than one paragraph total), stating (in the body):
    1. Your name
    2. Your occupation (so that he knows these are serious references)
    3. Why you think I would be a good fit with Dave Ramsey.
    4. Personal qualities I possess which would be of benefit to Dave Ramsey.
  2. Most importantly, in the subject line of the email, I want you to write :
    1. "Why (REMOVED FOR PRIVACY) should get an interview"
  3. Since I want this to be impossible to avoid, I would ask that you do this tomorrow (Thursday, August 23rd) in order for him to receive these messages all in one day!
I am hoping that the sheer volume of emails with the repetition of my name will cause me to stand out and receive an interview. 

Folks, I really want to work!!!!  This is the first step I must take in beginning to put things back together and I am running out of time before we will have to move in with family. 

Admittedly, this is probably a long shot.  But I can't sit idly by anymore waiting on my phone to ring.  I want to use my creativity to the best of my ability to hopefully get out of the mess I'm in.   I just want a chance.  Would you help me get an interview?

Thanks for considering doing this. 

In Christ,

P.S.  Yes, (REMOVED FOR PRIVACY), is my first name.  I need you to put that so that they can match my name with my resume and application which I've previously submitted.

If you have any friends who know me and want to help, please let them know for me.