Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I can't believe it!

Today, I'm at 302.  That's officially 1/3 of the way to my goal!  Funny thing is, I feel like I'm eating like a swine (you thought I'd say pig, didn't ya?)  For example, last night I ate 2 pieces of chicken cordon bleu, a lot of green beans, and a salad.  This feast was washed down with a coke zero.  This seems to be pretty typical of my dinners lately. 

For lunches, I usually eat one sandwich with a lot of meat in it. 

And for breakfast, I'll either have a sausage sandwich or a diabetic protein bar. 

I almost always drink water with an occasional coke zero.  And, I might eat a few pepperoni slices for a snack to give me that meaty feeling that my voraciously carniverous side needs.

It's crazy, I know!  This doesn't sound very healthy, but it's helping me to transition away from what I used to eat.  I don't think Jenny Craig would be too happy with my choices either. 

And if you're wondering, I have not really been as good with my exercises on the Wii Fat (maybe once or twice a week for an hour at a time). 

But somehow it's really working.  We looked at some pics of us just a couple of years ago in Florida, when I was over 350 and it looks like someone put Great Big Ole Jay in the dryer and out came a Less Big Ole Jay. 

This is me in 2009.  I was about 354!
This is me as of Sunday!

For those of you who have kindly pledged to help bring Peyton home to the Wilson family, keep putting your money in the piggy bank because I feel good that we're going to be able to help this family out.  And if you want to help even more, you can go to their blog and purchase a t-shirt they made to help raise funds. 

So there you have it.  I'm not saying this diet is for everyone, or that this is what I'll be eating a few weeks from now, but for now, it is how I've lost 33 pounds since March 1. 

3 more pounds and I'll be out of the 300's, hopefully forever!

Thanks for your support, both spiritually and financially.

Less of me, more of Him,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The weight loss is a little slower nowadays, but still going in the right direction.  The eating is under control.  I just have to figure out this exercising thing a little better.  I have never visited that world before and I'm curious if anyone can translate these foreign words:  "cardio", "pilates", and the most confusing of all "zumba". 

So far, it's me, my lawn (that's my dinner) and my Wii Fat.  It has brought me down 28 lbs but I need to step it up a little again.

On another note, go to and buy a t-shirt, if you are able, which will help bring Peyton home to the Wilson family.  Anything and everything helps! 

This post is a short one, but I have a feeling the next one might be a little longer.  I'm close to doing something very surprising!  Stay tuned. 

Until later, stay away from the evil Little Debbie and stay near the Lord.

Your less fat friend,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So the weight is coming off a little slower now, but at least my eating is under control (and all the farm animals said...."AMEN!")  We have been traveling a lot lately so I have definitely been tempted to eat wrong, but the temptations are not as strong as they used to be a couple of weeks ago.  Praise God!!!  And now I'm eating salads like crazy too.  I can't walk by a freshly mowed lawn without getting a hankerin' for some Caesar salad. 

By the way, we got a random pledge from a really nice man of $140 which I sent on to Reece's Rainbow to aid in Peyton's adoption.  God works in mysterious ways.  Who thought He could bring good out of my past gluttony?  I mean really.....last year's box of Swiss Cakes has become this year's pledge to adopt a special needs child.  You tell me if God is cool or not?

On another front, I'm still looking for a job so please pray for me there.  I thank God that He has opened up new avenues for ministry and given me so much time with my family.  But daddy needs to bring home some, I mean wheat germ! 

Well, I'll keep this one short today.  But remember to keep praying for Peyton and the Wilson family.  Let's see how big God will show us He is as He helps me to be smaller (literally and figuratively)!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review of "We Be Big"

If any of you are fans of the Rick and Bubba morning radio show, then this book is for you.  The book takes us through their childhood years all the way up to the present time.  From learning about Rick's resourcefulness in making money as a child to seeing the impact that Bubba's father had on his life, we get a peak into what makes these men tick. 

While it does bog down a little when they are talking about their numerous contract negotiations, the book shines in particular where it needs to. 

A few years ago, Rick's youngest son, Bronner, died tragically while Rick was away speaking at a Christian youth event.  The faith that he demonstrated during this heart-wrenching tragedy is worth the read all by itself, whether you're a fan of the show or not.  In addition, the way that Bubba carried on with the show the following Monday is inspiring. 

I have often dealt with the conflicting feeling that I have to be funny all the time, even if I don't feel like it.  And these men, funny as they are, glorified our Lord Jesus Christ by exposing their humanity, their weakness, and their pain.  How does this glorify the Lord, you may ask?  Because it is His strength and His promises which they tightly cling to.  This leaves you saying at the end of the book, "There must be something to this Jesus."

God is good, no matter what!