Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I love my wife!!!

It is always good to pause to reflect on good things in your life.  So today I will remember the best thing (outside of my relationship with Jesus).  Today is my wife's birthday. 

As I have been married to my prize for 15 years now, I can honestly say that what I see in her is what 15 year old Jay couldn't even dream up in his best dreams as he sat in math class wondering what kind of woman he would end up with. 

Young Jay would probably have focused solely on beauty.  What I have is the beauty that calms when chaos surrounds, the beauty that shines when gloomy days overwhelm, and the beauty that radiates the love of Jesus Christ on everyone around her.  Deep and everlasting beauty, inside her soul and outside as she is clothed in righteousness. 

Young Jay would have wanted a trophy wife.  What I have is a trophy, but not for others to admire.  This trophy is for me to admire how good of a God must have given it to me.

Young Jay would have wanted a girl to rescue.  What I have is a woman who rescues me from myself on a daily basis.  Her strength, calm, and confidence in her God spills over onto me every day of my life. 

Young Jay would have wanted a girl to have fun with.  What I have is a woman who knows how to have fun, but who is even better at having joy. 

Young Jay would have wanted to never settle down.  What I have is a settling of my spirit bestowed on me through the means of a godly wife. 

Anxiousness has given way to peace. 
Vanity has given way to depth.
Selfishness has given way to sacrifice.
And I have given my heart to the Lord who has trusted it with my treasure box named Michelle. 

I love you, Michelle.  Happy birthday, My Chelle.  Your life has blessed, is blessing, and will continue to bless the Lord and those He blesses with your presence. 

God is perfect!

Yours forever,

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